Connecting startups with investors across the Middle East & Africa to

Startup Profile

  • We know that raising funds can be difficult for entrepreneurs. From stressful and cold pitch events, to wasting hours speaking to the wrong investors, we help speed up this process.
  • We leverage our network to make your life as an entrepreneur easier.
  • By creating a startup profile with Mindsalike, we can help identify possible investors for you and even organise introductions.
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Angel Investor Profile

  • We help angel investors (individuals who want to invest) find opportunities to invest in startups in the Middle East & Africa .
  • We filter out the startups and find ones that match what your investment hypothesis.
  • We organise regular calls with startups that you can join to find opportunities.
  • We can connect you to angel networks you might be interested in joining.
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VC Investors

  • We help VCs with deal flow to find startups that are doing some exciting things.
  • We provide introductions to startups we feel are interesting to look at - we don’t just share any startups - we make sure we do our own DD first .
  • We are building products to make your life easier to manage deals and deal flow from regions we work in.
  • We publicise your VC on our website and promote it to our members
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